SE Alaska Fishing Industry

I understand the continued and growing importance of the Alaskan fishing industry and will continue to fight to protect and enhance our vital industry. That is why during my term as Alaska District 36 House Representative, I have served on a Special Committees for Fisheries and Economic Development while diligently working to protect and enhance this valuable part of the Alaskan economy.

I am not alone. According to the Alaska Seafood Industry and a McDowell Group Report on the economic impact in Alaska from the fishing industry, “The seafood industry directly employed more than 63,000 people in Alaska in 2011. Simply put, this means that one in eight workers earned at least part of their annual income from seafood. The industry accounted for 9 percent of all private sector resident earnings.

Dan Ortiz Supports Alaska's Fishing Industry

A 3rd-Generation, Southeast Alaska Commercial Fishing Family, Unloading — In Wrangell

This is why I pre-filed a bill to restore a public process to state pesticide spraying programs and add protections for fish habitat and drinking water.

I am vehemently opposed to trading jobs in one developed industry for potential jobs in another. In fact, I have called on the State’s Department of Natural Resource to prevent the destruction of wild salmon spawning and rearing waters on the prized river. I will oppose any Canadian company that proposes to dredge and dewater any rivers critical to the sustainability of our fisheries and the viability of our fishing industry.