Fueling Alaska’s Future

I support responsible development of Alaska’s natural resources as a primary source of jobs and economic development for hard working residents of the State of Alaska.

Alaska House District 36

Vote Dan Ortiz for Alaska House District 36


In addition to natural resource issues affecting jobs and the economy in Southeast Alaska, I supported the development of a natural gas pipeline for Alaska.  I approved SB3001 — legislation funding the buyout of TransCanada from the long-awaited AK LNG natural gas pipeline project. The bill was approved in the Alaska Senate by a vote of 16-3, and approved unanimously in Alaska House of Representatives by a vote of 39-0.

Removing TransCanada from the Alaska LNG Project exemplifies what happens when innovative people and technology come together to develop Alaska’s vast natural gas resources in a safe and efficient manner and about providing access to natural gas to Alaskans. This redefined partnership increases the State of Alaska’s total ownership share in the pipeline and associated infrastructure up to twenty-five percent.

Alaskans must remain on equal footing with all business partners. This is requires due diligence to protect our sovereignty as the owners of the resource and the ability to ensure the benefits of natural resources are shared by all Alaskans.

I am grateful that my colleagues in the House and Senate are working this bi-partisan effort to benefit the hard-working people of Alaska.